“It was very good and an easy to read book. I enjoyed reading every chapter, as each chapter was getting more and more exciting. I look forward to reading more of your books. I rate it a 5 star.
Freddie. Aged nearly 10, Edgware.

“I read it to the class over the week.  They all just sat there silently captivated.  At times you could have heard a pin drop.”
Mrs Thompson.  Year 3 Teacher, Hertford.

“We read 'Bish and the Magic Bow and Arrow' over several storytimes as a class. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were truly inspired- lots of them were seen playing 'Bish and Yerta' in the playground afterwards. A quote from my class:
'Please can we read the Bish book now?' (asked first thing in the mornings)"
Miss Edwards. Year 2 Teacher, Ruislip.

A great little book for any parent who wants to foster an 'I can do' attitude in their child.”
School Teacher, Ealing.

“Bish and the Magic Bow and Arrow is a book which I read from cover to cover in one sitting; I just could not put it down! This is a brilliantly written book with beautiful illustrations to boot. It is a story, which is great for young children and sets out to show the power of inner belief and that everyone has potential! For myself it reminded me to take a step back from the chaos of life and taught me that we all have the power to achieve our goals if we put our minds to it!” ”
Lisa. Graduate Psychology Bsc, Brighton.

“Something I have not read in a long time:  It’s so moving.  Although it is like a children's story, it reaches the child in us all.”
Liz.  Special Needs Teacher, Harrow.

“Bish and The Magic Bow and Arrow is a wonderful and uplifting book in a time when the world needs the wise words contained within it.  From the moment I started reading it I felt compelled to read straight through to the end.  I felt wrapped up in the story, allowing it to appeal to my inner child!  When I finished reading I wanted to dance for joy and be 8 years old again!  Simon has successfully managed to integrate great storytelling talent with a clear passion for his work.  In my opinion people of all ages can read this and get something from it - from a ‘feel good’ story to a clear example of the power of self belief.  A bestseller in the children’s books, ‘grown up’ and psychology and self help categories!”
Mike.  Psychotherapist, Ipswich.

“I think Bish and the Magic Bow & Arrow is brilliant.  This book is great for children.  I love this story. ”
Charlotte.  Aged 12, Ruislip.

“Bish and the magic bow and arrow is an enchanting, delightful story about a little boy gaining confidence and realising that he can do anything when he really puts his mind to it. It seems so simple… and it is; we can achieve anything… if we believe. ”
Mrs Dobbs. Year 2 Teacher, Hertfordshire.

“An enchanting story of the magical power of inner conviction.  The serious topic of self belief is set in the context of a child’s happy world.”
Beryl.  Office manager, Chiswick.

“The themes throughout the book were very uplifting and made me feel very happy.  If you believe in something you can do anything.”
Mrs Walton.  Head Teacher, Greenford. 

“It is so charming and full of magical moments.”
Aylene.  English Teacher, Exmouth.

I had a really nice start to the day:  I read this book.”
Bill.  Stained Glass Artist, Gloucester.

“Very warm.  I would like to buy a copy for another adult.”
Kevin.  Artwork Studio Manager, Harrow.

Magic!  Read it in one go, it’s brilliant.”
Rob.  Driving Instructor, Iver.

Wonderful.  I slipped back into child mode and got totally caught up with anticipation.”
Diane.  Retired, Hammersmith.

“We found the book thought provoking with a magical quality.  It seemed to be set in another indefinable world.  We’ve never read anything like this before.  Our ten year old granddaughter enjoyed it very much”
Mr and Mrs Barker.  Uxbridge.

“It helped my young daughter talk for the first time about a recent family bereavement.  It has been a great conversation opener.”
Nick. Scanner Operator, Chesham.

A beautiful tale of joy, which wraps us in the love of life again.  It made me remember that all the simple things in life make up the world.  Focusing on the beauty of 'just being able to be' it is an important tale, which will allow children and their parents to look at this aspect of themselves.
Damian.  IT  Technician, Australia.

“It’s a very positive tale.  I totally enjoyed it and so did my girlfriend.”
Paul.  Packaging Technician, Nottingham.

“A tender and inspiring tale to make you believe in the magical possibilities of life.”
Caroline.  Author, Ladbroke Grove.

Excellent!  Once I’d started I had to finish it.”
Claire.  PA, Ruislip.

A magical and inspiring tale which tells both a wonderful story and teaches a valuable life lesson simultaneously. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the adventures of Bish despite it being a children’s book so I can only imagine the enjoyment that a young child would derive from this wondrous book!”
Daniela. 19 year old student, London.

“I kept thinking wow!  This is so good.”
Paul.  Stables owner, Fulmer.

I could not have picked a better book to read to my nine year old son.”
Dave.  Director of IT, Maidenhead.

I went to bed feeling all nice.”
Kelvin.  Artworker, Hillingdon.

“There’s something pure about it.  It’s for everyone.”
Nigel.  Web Designer, Windsor.

“I read the book last night and really enjoyed it. It Inspires a great feeling of self belief and gratitude for the good things in life that are often taken for granted. A lovely story for children and adults alike!”
Geraldine. Chartered Accountant, London.